Investment Approach

The Gideon Hixon Fund has operated under a “Good Partner” model for 25 years, where we invest in early stage venture capital managers, work closely to help them be successful and then identify those opportunities within their portfolios that best fit with our criteria.

The Gideon Hixon Fund searches for early stage venture capital managers (our “Partners”) with target fund sizes of less than 100 million dollars that possess a unique competency or competitive advantage. We look for teams that have managed at least one fund together and have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to find and develop the best early stage deals into successful companies. Most importantly, we want to work with managers who share our values and will truly be our partners throughout the process of building great companies.

Once we invest in a manager, we strive to work closely with them using our own experience and network of relationships. As the portfolios of our managers develop, we identify the companies that match our criteria and invest in those. For us, investing in companies that we know and like along with partners we respect and trust is the foundation of our venture investment program that has been delivering superior returns for over 25 years.