For Direct Investments

The Gideon Hixon Fund invests primarily in the companies that are in the portfolios of our Fund Investment “Partners”.

Companies may submit plans to the Gideon Hixon Fund, which we will evaluate and send to our Fund “Partners” where there is the best fit. Please note, the Gideon Hixon Fund does not make any direct investments without one of its Fund manager “partners” participating. A list of our “partners” is available under Fund Investments.

The Gideon Hixon Fund is stage agnostic and we will invest across industries according to the areas of focus of our managers. We look for management teams that have already demonstrated to their existing investors that they have the capability to build large and successful businesses. We prefer businesses where we can add value and become more than just an investor.

Once we are investors, the Gideon Hixon Fund strives to be a good partner to our investee companies as well. We bring over 40 years of investment experience and a network of relationships to our investee companies and their management. We hope our investee companies see us as a trusted resource and someone they can always call when they need advice or support.