Direct Investments


(fka Driav)
Avinew is a forward-thinking insurance company tackling issues surrounding liability claims involving autonomous vehicles. As autonomous cars become more prevalent on the roads, the question arises of who is liable for claims not involving human action.

Boka Sciences

(fka Hydradx)
Boka Sciences has developed an innovative, low-cost, point-of-care diagnostic for measuring saliva flow, an important indicator for a number of different diseases and conditions. The company has developed a “thermometer-like” device that can provide a fast, accurate, and inexpensive test for use by clinicians or patients in virtually any setting. The long-term plan is to become a standard of diagnostic care for dentists and other medical practitioners that can also be used to diagnose dehydration, a multi-billion dollar opportunity that currently does not have a viable, cost-effective diagnostic.

Boom! Entertainment, Inc.

BOOM! Entertainment owns and operates BOOM! Studios, a media company that bridges print publishing and filmed entertainment. The company creates and publishes new comic books and graphic novels, developing this library of intellectual property into projects for film, television and other media. This company has two strategies: license well-known properties to create graphic novels for the mass and direct markets and create original projects that can benefit from the shelf space and brand awareness driven by the licensing strategy. Original projects are developed into film and television properties, and the company is exploring additional opportunities in merchandising, video games and online content.

Glycos Food Science, inc.

Glycos Food Science (“Glycos”) pivoted from a company that transformed bio waste into rubber to a leading innovator in the nutrition market. Glycos has become a food science company that develops and produces advanced nutritional products. Located in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center at the Texas Medical community to design new, highly functional medical foods and nutrition for the 60-70 million patients with digestive diseases.

Hansen Engine, Inc.

Hansen Engine develops technologies for combustion engine systems and novel compressors.


Hippo is an online insurance retailer that aims to simplify the process of buying insurance in the digital age. By transferring the process of buying insurance out of the hands of agents and into an online platform hippo is able to save customers money and gain valuable data. This allows them to offer lower rates then a traditional insurance company and better respond to claims. Rather than treat you as a “policyholder” hippo treats you as a customer through their seamless claims process and proactive actions.


Noteworth is a virtual care model connecting medical professionals and patients through IoT technology. Noteworth works with clinicians and executive stakeholders to conceptualize and plan a tailored remote care framework. This technology paired with human connection will improve care delivery goals, patient population information, quality initiatives, incentive and reimbursement models, payer relationships as well as provide competitive differentiation. The platform allows patients to stay connected with physicians leading to better care based on accurate patient information sent directly from linked devices, less readmission and higher patient confidence in daily life.

Onsert Media Group

(fka Zadspace, Inc.)
Onsert Media Group has developed an innovative direct marketing technology platform that monetizes available space on “brown box” packages shipped to consumers with “4×6” ads affixed alongside the label. The ads are highly targetable and have shown superior response rates and cost effectiveness compared to package inserts and direct mail. By establishing long-term exclusiove relationships with direct to consumer goods companies, Onsert has taken the opportunity for a novel captive-media network based on the increasing number of packages being shipped.

Prolacta Biosciences, Inc.

Prolacta Bioscience is a life science company specializing in the science of human milk. The company provides specialized nutritional solutions for premature and critically ill infants. The company’s lead product, Prolacta-Plus, is a unique fortification product derived 100% from human milk. This product has been shown to significantly reduce the occurance of necrotizing entercolitis (NEC) in premature infants, a condition that frequently leads to lifelong health complications and even death in premature infants. They now have a family of products which include the Human Donor Milk and Fortifiers which add calories without requiring a higher volume of milk to be consumed and a Ready-to-Feed option.

Shotzoom, inc.

(fka Edufii)
Shotzoom provides a software platform for instruction and skills development that enables coaches, teachers and their students to connect in a way that was not previously possible. The Shotzoom app allows an instructor to easily capture key moments during a teaching session using a mobile phone or tablet through an intuitive interface that enables video, voice notes, photos or files to be automatically sent to the cloud in an Instagram-like stream. After the session, the student is able to access that stream at any time and invite in other key participants such as parents or other coaches. This provides an ongoing journal of the coaching session(s) and also provides a platform for ongoing real-time communication between the instructor and student between sessions. Shotzoom is now in used by thousands of top coaches and athletes in more that 50 sports in 110 countries.


Sonder has revolutionized travel stays by combining the comfort of private apartments with the convenience of hotel services and amenities.  They provide consistent standard of quality with comfortable beds, five-star cleanliness, and reliable concierge service.

Zeus Living

Zeus living offers fully furnished homes for extended stay with a focus on business travelers. With fully furnished and comfortable homes Zeus takes the stress out of corporate travel allowing employees a place to feel at home regardless of if they are traveling or relocating.