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Boka Sciences Has Developed a Medical Device that Measures Saliva Flow

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Boka Sciences, Inc. is a venture-backed company (seed round) that has developed a medical device that can accurately measure saliva flow to diagnose dry mouth, a malady that afflicts between 25-30% of the population over 50 years old. The device has been clinically tested and proved that it is effective, non-invasive, inexpensive and easy to use. The test takes 60 seconds. [They] are currently undertaking a larger clinical study this summer.

Measuring saliva flow is important. Dr. Hume, Dean of the [University] of Utah School of Dentistry, compares it to measuring blood pressure. Dr. Moss of NYU Dental School, refers to saliva flow as the “Bloodstream of the Mouth.”

It is currently very difficult and unpleasant to measure saliva flow. The current standard is for a patient to drool into a cup for 10 minutes. This is unpleasant and time consuming. As a result, it is rarely done. Dentists, however, recognize that it is valuable to measure saliva flow to diagnose dry mouth or other oral issues. According to [their] research and contact with dentists, they would measure it if they could.

[Their] vision is for dentists to test their patients at each check-up to accurately measure their salivary flow. [They] believe that the device has significant implications for dental patients by helping dentists manage their care more effectively with better preventative treatments tied to real information over time. [They] believe that in addition to treating patients more effectively, this can lead to increased revenues for the dentist at very little cost.

The BokaFlo(tm) test is comprised of a base and a disposable applicator. The base includes bluetooth chip that makes it easy for the operator to input and receive data while administering the test. Furthermore, the device transmits¬† the data (anonymously) to Boka’s central database, enabling the company to develop an extensive database of saliva flow results and other patient details (i.e. medical issues, demographics, use of prescription medication). [They’ll] use this database to constantly improve the quality of the test as well as providing the data to researchers as they analyze saliva flow and its impact on other health issues.

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